The Malta Experience

50 students from several classes of Seconde, Premiere and Terminale took part in a school trip in Malta from Monday 8th to Friday 12th April. They were accompanied and supervised by four of their teachers.

They took advantage of a rich and varied programme.

Each morning English lessons were given by native teachers. French students worked and interacted with foreign students. Following intensive training and practice they received certificates from the school. The connections with foreign students often resulted in burgeoning friendships.

Visits included exciting sightseeing around the island which allowed students to explore many of its aspects: history, tourism, architecture and science.

As a Mediterranean gateway, the many cultural influences in Malta (Italian, African, French, English, Arabic, Muslim, Christian…) have elicited great interest and enhanced students’ open-mindedness.

Sustainability is paramount on the islands: plastic bottles are recycled, water is never wasted, solar energy is taken advantage of, drinking water is produced from seawater through reverse osmosis plants, among other examples.

A bewildering yet enriching experience for everyone!

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